Tea Cups System

65% of the time I rate books solely based on my emotions.

five stars

This book has hit me RIGHT IN THE FEELS! Connections to the characters are SO DEEP! The plot is so twisting and unpredictable that it BLEW MY SOCKS OFF! The author’s writing style is AMAZING! The world-building is AWESOMESAUCE! The characters in the novel are MIND-BLOWING! You would hear me rave about it days and nights, and have a severe book hangover months afterwards. #thebestrecipe

four stars

I really really really really like this book! BUT…this novel has not reach its FULL POTENTIALS! If only *enter my problem(s)* then I shall serve you ETERNAL FREE HOT TEAS! Although…I wouldn’t want to damage your beautiful cover…*sigh* so close to perfection. #ifonly

three stars

One element or more in this novel may be the downfall of why it only deserves three cups of tea instead of four or five, such as the world-building, characters, plot, writing styles, repetition etc. It is BEARABLE and interesting enough that I managed to finish the novel. But I wouldn’t recommend to anyone unless your TBR pile is running short. #suchashame

two stars

AT LEAST 3 TEA CUPS SMASHED IN THE PROCESS OF READING THIS NOVEL! This novel really needs improvements on *enter list of problems*. #ingredientsmisused

one star

This only happens when a bug continuously invade my tea cups, hence I end up giving four free drinks to my sink. #absolutelyawful