Fairest by Marissa Meyer | The Best Villain Book I’ve Ever Read


fairestTitle: Fairest 
Author: Marissa Meyer
Publisher: Feiwel & Friends 
Series: The Lunar Chronicles #3.5
Year Published: 2015
Genre: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Dystopian, YA
Pages: 208







My Thoughts

five starsMy first thought: I felt like I had just read a fantasy and young adult version of Gone Girl.



But after I calmed down had several days to myself… 

It’s a novella that toys with your emotions, because the relationships within this book are so MEMORABLE yet HEART-WRENCHING. If you read Fairest you would know how Levana becomes who she is today, especially as the Queen of Lunar. Her sister, Channary is also another prominent character that heavily influences Levana’s childhood. Meanwhile, the come abouts of Princess Selene, Princess Winter, and Cinder’s guard Jacin are also included. At last but not least, the one and only ROMANCE of Levana is also revealed.


“She cried for the girl who had never belonged. A girl who tried so hard, harder than anyone else, and still never had anything to show for it.”


If you ever stumbled upon a mission impossible but you couldn’t do it…well then, Queen Levana is the perfect person for the job. She is CRUEL. She is RUTHLESS. She will sacrifice anything, and I meant ANYTHING to accomplish her goal. It doesn’t matter if the location is at Pluto, she will FIND A WAY to get there. You will see how SAVAGE yet BRILLIANT she gets throughout Fairest.

Levana is a really complex character that isn’t perfect, which is why I love her yet despise her at the same time. If only one villain can be recruited in the universe, I would highly recommend her. Her flaws are obvious. Despite how abnormal Levna is portrayed, deep down she’s just the same as any other conventional mundane girls on Earth. She is SELF-CONSCIOUS, especially in front of Evret and her people. Regarding this issue, this novel also reveal why Levana cannot live without her glamour and the reason she despise mirrors to such great extent.


I am so glad I read this novella, otherwise Queen Levana would still be the heartless two dimensional antagonist to me. I can certainly guarantee you that once you get to know her background you would pity her (even though she doesn’t need it), but a few pages down you would wonder WHY DOES SUCH SAVAGE HUMAN LUNAR EXIST?! You would begin to ponder whether this pure evilness exist within the Earthens? (I HOPE NOT! :O) However, the story is SO CAPTIVATING that you would be sucked into the centre of its universe and be MIND-BLOWN EVERY 5 SECONDS!!! If not, I shall grant you ETERNAL FREE BOOKS.


“The guilt and the horror and the memory of that awful smell might stay with her forever, but she was the queen.”

Marissa Meyer’s writing skills are like DELICIOUSLY BURNED MARSHMALLOWS!! I’m not even exaggerating because I have never felt like this towards a protagonist before, whom also turns out to be an antagonist in this case. At times I felt SO SORRY for Levena, especially the family she grew up in and the horrendous things her sister did to her, which led to me bursting into tears. But at other times I would HATE her immensely with how HEARTLESS, COLD-BLOODED and ANIMALISTIC she gets!!! The frustrations within my body and soul would just burned with anger and fury.

(I may or may not have accidentally swore a couple times whilst reading this book.)





This definitely isn’t the excuse to all her inhumane actions. Especially the things she does to get Evret to love her. I was CREEPED OUT to be honest, that is of course not including the age difference. Perhaps as a princess she is used to getting what she wants and when she wants without any rebellion. But the way to a man’s heart is definitely not through ***SPOILER ALERT*** constant manipulation or forced marriage. ***SPOILER OVER*** It’s almost as if she treats everyone around her like pawns.

“Are you still waiting for me to fall in love with you?”
She braced herself, and nodded. “Yes,” she whispered.


She reminded me of an It-Girl in your popular TV show like Gossip Girl. She isn’t as smart as Levana when it comes to politics tactics, however she does win by a mile when you compare their social abilities and being able to understand the social code in general. But this difference is also what makes Levana the Queen she is today. At times Meyer surprised me with the evil things Channary does, but at times she seems to have a tinge of sympathy and kind-heart spirit within her. Generally, my feelings toward her is quite neutral when compared to Levana.

“Ideally, a lady will have three toys at once. One to romance her, one to bed her, and one to adorn her with very expensive jewelry.”


He is the one you want to marry ten or twenty years down the road.
He is the one you want to be by your side when you’re going through tough times.
He is the one you want to talk to when a dilemma is troubling you.

Evret is extremely family-oriented that it makes my heart swells with pride and joy. He is caring, smart and no doubt handsome. But I pity him. He definitely doesn’t deserve being treated like that. However you do see parallel characteristics of him on Jacin, which is a good thing.


Overall, I love Lunar and the world-building is absolutely breathtaking. I need this to turn into a movie, like seriously. The plot blew me off my socks hence why I’m in the middle of nowhere now. Once you read Fairest, it would engraved deep in your mind for the rest of your life.




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