The Boyfriend Thief (Stolen Kisses #1) – Sharna Norris

the boyfriend thief

Title: The Boyfriend Thief
Author: Shana Norris
Publisher: Paper Lantern Lit
Series: Series
Year Published: 2014
Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Realistic, YA
Pages: 210
Rating: ♔♔♔♔


My Thought

four stars

Everyone is messed up in their own way. The funny part is no one wants anyone else to know, so we work so hard to hide it.

This is the first novel of Shana Norris I have read and I really like it! When I first bought this novel from Amazon, I was expecting a fluffy read at the beach. But I was surprised by how realistic and insightful this novel is. It focuses on Avery’s heart-felt journey of finally letting go and learning to accept and move on from the painful truth that has haunted her for years. Which is why this novel is such a page-turner, despised the occasional frustrations I had towards the protagonist at the beginning. The Boyfriend Thief also demonstrates the ripple effect; how Avery’s selfish decision impacts on the other people’s action and how it thens comes back to haunt her.

The author’s writing style was on point and easily understood. The dialogue was well-written and the ending got me very smitten. (DID I…DID I JUST MADE IT RHYMED?!) I especially love reading Avery’s emotions and her conflicted thoughts, especially when Zac is involved in the matter. Clearly love is much more than just humans’ pheromones and endorphins.


Let’s talk about Zac Greeley!

You have to listen to find out things about people. Looking only tells you a small part of the story.

When I first read about him, I thought to myself: “Oh no, I have a feeling I’m not going to like him.” But turned out he became my favourite character in the end. The impression he gives to other characters and the readers are spontaneous, energetic, enthusiastic and immature as this is how Hannah perceives him. But I can reassure you that it’s only at the beginning. Because as Avery gradually spends more time with Zac, it’s also revealed that he has the determined and thoughtful sides of him. I absolutely admire his approach towards life and how different he is from all the other male protagonists I have read across the YA genre.  He actually reminds me of the younger version of Captain Thorne from the Lunar Chronicles.



Moving on to Avery James!

I don’t equate being in love with being happy.

As you can tell from the quote above that Avery puts her heart in a case made of titanium and doesn’t allow anyone to get close to her easily. Of course, other than her best friend Molly. But even then she still has moments where she is hesitant of trusting her. Yes, Avery can be a frustrating protagonist to read from as the readers can clearly see that she needs to stop being so uptight and starts living her life. But she doesn’t know that does she? However because this is a realistic fiction, I was able to see the “change and grow” process taking place as Zac comes crashing down into Avery’s organised and coherent life. Thanks to Zac and his cherry-lime Slurpees, Avery’s character is so much more likeable afterwards.

My favourite part of the book is…

THE ENDING! It was absolutely gobsmacking good! AND COSY! AND FUZZY! AND WARM! AND PERFECT! I’m just going to sum up how great the end is by sharing with you one of my favourite quotes in the novel.



“Don’t steal anymore hearts,” he told me. “You’ve already got mine.”


So why didn’t I give 5 stars if I like this novel so much?

  • Like I said before, the originality of this novel isn’t something new and it didn’t cause a “wow” or had my mouth dropping enormously wide.
  • The secondary characters such as Elliot and Molly…they weren’t as developed as I liked them to be. Which is unfortunate because Norris could have extended the novel and it would’ve been awesome.
  • The predictability of this novel got me like…






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