Librocubicularist – A Very Bookish Word

How have your week been my fellow booklovers?

Or are you like me – bombarded with lectures throughout the whole week.

A couple of those lectures required me to sit in the same room for 7 hours! Hence, why I skipped a lecture today. (shh…) I’m so tired of travelling 2 hours away from home for 2 and a half hour then come home. Those lectures already got me like


Unfortunately because these lectures often took up majority of my time, therefore I wasn’t able to write a review for Legend by Marie Lu. I sincerely apologise. I’m in the process of writing one right now and I promise I’ll upload it ASAP. (I have 5 lectures over the weekend…)  Anyhow, I found a new word today while I was scrolling through my Booklikes dashboard.



Isn’t this a beautiful word?

I mean my favourite is still bibliophile, because it’s easy to pronounce and not hard to remember. I just find it hard to say to my friends that I’m in fact a “librocubicularist”. I have tried to pronounce this word ten times out loud, and every time I always managed to wet my laptop’s screen a little. Yes, I spat while I was trying to pronounce this word.

Regardless, I still thought every book lover should get to know this.

I always try to impress people with my newly learnt words, so maybe you can use this too. 😀

Happy reading!



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